What is Addiction and SUD?

According to the National Institute of Mental Health: “substance use disorder (SUD) is a treatable mental disorder that affects a person’s brain and behavior, leading to their inability Symptoms can be moderate to severe, with addiction being the most severe form of SUD.”

Who does it affect?

Men and women, kids and adults, rich and poor, anyone can become addicted at any point in life. We all have circumstances that can lead us to addiction. The good news is, everyone can also receive help to get out of addiction. We are here to help anyone who is ready to take their next step toward sobriety.

How can American Wellness and Rehab Clinic help?

We provide a nonjudgmental, clinical outpatient setting for patients who are struggling with addiction. We offer detoxification options for alcohol, tobacco, prescription drugs, illegal drugs, and other substance-based addictions.

How does it work?

Our detoxification program focuses on fixing the neuro pathways in the brain that have been damaged during substance addiction. Our four primary methods to achieve this are:

  • Doctor Examinations: Meet with a medical provider who is ready to meet you where you are. Our doctors are trained to assess your situation and guide you towards the best detox options. They will over see your treatment in the clinic and check in to see how progress is going at home.
  • Detox Support: Our team of medical experts tailor each treatment plan to the needs of the individual. Diagnostic and baseline services include radiation free QEEG brain scans, bloodwork, and urine analysis. Our doctors use these results to track your health and progress in addiction recovery.
  • NAD+ IVs: NAD+ (Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a natural coenzyme that plays a crucial role in many essential cellular processes, including energy production and DNA repair. NAD+ IV therapy involves administering a high dose of NAD+ directly into the bloodstream via an IV infusion. This method of delivery ensures that the NAD+ is quickly and efficiently absorbed by the body, allowing for maximum benefits, thus supporting the brain as it works to regrow healthy neural pathways.
  • Referrals to talk therapists: In many instances it is helpful for those struggling with SUD or addiction to have a therapist. We have contacts with expertise in Accelerated Resolution Therapy in the area who are ready to help you stay sober for years to come.

How do I schedule an appointment?

First schedule a wellness exam and consultation with one of our medical providers by calling or texting 801-327-8700. Alternatively, you can email us with your requested appointment time by filling out this this form.

The medical provider will then create a customized medical care plan. The care coordinator will then help you work out payment options and schedule your upcoming appointments.

Want to schedule an appointment?