FAA Medical Exams in Murray, UT - Expert Care at American Wellness & Rehab Clinic

FAA Medical Exams

Medical Exams in Murray, UT - Expert Care at American Wellness & Rehab Clinic

Comprehensive FAA Medical Examinations

At American Wellness & Rehab Clinic, we understand the Federal Aviation Administration's requirements for regular check-ups on vision, hearing, cardiovascular health, and general wellness. Our qualified medical providers are here to perform these essential exams for pilots applying for or renewing their pilot's license.

One-Stop Solution for Your Aviation Medical Needs

Whether you are a veteran aviator or new to the skies, our clinic in Murray, UT, offers a one-appointment solution to meet all FAA medical criteria, ensuring a smooth and efficient path to your certification.

Specialized Support for HIMS Participants

For pilots involved in the Human Intervention Motivation Study (HIMS) program, it's crucial to undergo specific medical exams to maintain your license. American Wellness & Rehab Clinic provides tailored examinations and support to comply with HIMS requirements, helping you navigate the renewal process with confidence.

Expert Guidance Through the HIMS Process

Our experienced medical team is knowledgeable about the intricacies of the HIMS program, offering support and accurate documentation to guide you confidently back to your flying duties.

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Easy Appointment Scheduling

Visit us Monday to Friday, from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, to meet your aviation medical needs without disrupting your busy schedule.
To schedule your FAA medical exam, call or text American Wellness & Rehab Clinic at (801) 327-8700.
Our friendly staff will help you secure a convenient appointment time.