Bright Minds Neuro Development 

Bright Minds Neuro Development is partnered with American Wellness and Rehab Clinic to provide you with the best in functional mental medicine, allowing us to get results in weeks instead of months! We have a team that goes above and beyond to ensure you're getting the best therapy that fits you. Bright Minds is also one of the only clinics that specializes in programs for all ages, from infants to seniors.

Sneek-A-Peek Fetal Imaging

Sneek-A-Peek is the service for you! Want to check on your baby’s development in between insurance-covered ultrasounds? We use the same high-end blood analysis and ultrasound technology as your doctor while keeping self-pay prices low. Rest assured your baby is meeting milestones by booking with Sneek-a-Peek today.  



Fullscript provides access to a wide variety of high-purity and clinical-strength supplements. Accounts are $0/month and provide you with American wellness exclusive discounts. Click the link above to create your free account. 


Premium gut health products to boost your mood and balance your mind. These products are used in our Bright Minds Program to help kids and adults rebuild and maintain healthy neuro-pathways. Bonus: they taste good too!  


Metagenics offers a wide range of nutritional products that provide a variety of nutritional support. Using their advanced supplement finder, you'll be able to search their robust product catalog to find the supplement that best meets your nutritional and dietary needs. Use this link to create a free account and receive 5% off your first order. 

Home Therapies/Test Kits

True DNA Story

Three things affect your life: your DNA, your Diet, and your Environment. True DNA Story helps you manage all three. With high-accuracy DNA testing and reports, you can feel confident in your nutrition and lifestyle choices. Order your home test kit through this link to share your results with your doctor at American Wellness, receive free lifetime updates as science develops, and get exclusive discounts on True DNA Story reports.

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