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About us.

We are leaders in functional medicine. Since 2012, American Wellness has offered cutting edge treatments and diagnostic services to health conscious individuals and their families. Whereas most doctors prescribe medication to mask symptoms, we prefer to treat the root cause of the issue and help you naturally feel your best. Our medical staff provide the tools you need to hope for a long lived, balanced, and healthy life. Ready to get started on your patient journey? Text or call 801-327-8700 to schedule an appointment today!

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide alternative medical services to our clients. We offer a gentle and compassionate atmosphere, through listening and showing our customers respect and kindness. Our goal is to prevent the need for invasive health care services. We educate our clients to ensure they understand their respective conditions, encouraging them to become partners in their own health care outcomes.

Meet the Doctors

Dr. Bryan Turner, MD

Dr. Bryan Turner, MD has been practicing medicine for over 20 years. Dr. Turner practices using a natural approach to support the body healing at the cellular level. Dr. Turner is known for having the best brain care clinic in Utah. He has prevented and reversed cognitive declines related to Alzheimer's and other neurological diseases. They say most diseases start in the gut, but if you go one level further, you'll find most diseases start early on in the brain. Dr. Turner uses advanced neuro technologies, such as QEEG Brain maps, neurotherapies, DNA and lab research to aid patients on their natural journey of healing. Dr. Turner has been able to extend and improve many patients' quality of life.

Meet the Doctors

Dr. Nathan Eliason, MD

Dr. Nathan Eliason, MD, is a distinguished Medical Doctor renowned for his dedication to patient care and holistic healing practices. A significant portion of his clientele are seeking to transition from high doses of pain medications towards reclaiming their well-being. Dr. Eliason employs a comprehensive approach, leveraging natural treatments such as IV therapy and muscle stimulation to facilitate full-body healing. Dr. Eliason has a special interest in regenerative injections and prolotherapy, where he has witnessed remarkable advancements in pain management and patient outcomes. Dr. Eliason enjoys “thinking outside the box” to get to the root of the medical problem and return people to health.

Meet the Doctors

Carol Stowell, FNP-C

Carol Stowell is a Family Nurse Practitioner specialized in women's health. Carol focuses on reversing chronic illness and autoimmune diseases. Carol offers prenatal care and postpartum services. Carol is also a women’s fertility specialist, she performs specialty procedures such as IUI’s, Saline sonogram, and much more!

Meet the Doctors

Solomon Gustafson, DC

With a deep-rooted dedication to spinal health and holistic healing, Dr. Gustafson brings expertise and compassion to every patient interaction. Specializing in personalized treatment plans, Dr. Gustafson utilizes a blend of traditional chiropractic methods and cutting-edge techniques to address your specific needs. Whether you're seeking relief from chronic pain, recovering from an injury, or aiming to optimize your overall wellness, Dr. Gustafson is committed to guiding you on your journey to a healthier, more vibrant life. Schedule your appointment today and experience the transformative power of expert chiropractic care in the hands of Dr. Gustafson.

Meet the Doctors

Jolene Kingston, Neuro Director

Jolene Kingston is certified in neurological care. Jolene balances neurological disorders through innovative brain care therapies. Jolene helps all patients reach their maximum potential  and improves patients overall quality of life.

Meet the Team

Carol Isaacson


Esther Kingston


Solomon Gustafson


Brandon Kingston

QEEG Manager

Elly Stephens

Neuro Manager

Margaret Owen

Intellewave Technician

Video Testimonials

Our patients say.

"This place is a hidden gem! I loved my experience from start to finish. I really felt like my needs and concerns were addressed. The staff was so friendly and helpful and the Doctors really know their stuff."


"I have been with these people for over 6 years. I've come to them broken down with pain and trauma. They have helped heal my body not just physically but also internally by guiding me with the things I need to take along with supplements that I am short of. Their diagnostic reviews are incredibly valuable and can pinpoint the exact area your body may be deficient in. Through the years I have come to know their entire team and hands down they are the best I've ever seen."

James D.

"Felt very well informed about my condition and what I can do to help myself.… very kind, with a great bedside manner. Highly recommend this clinic…"

Tiera K.

"I was at the clinic today, I was super surprised. Happy with the excellent service and attention my daughter and I received. The attendants are very thoughtful and the girl who took my blood was tremendously sympathetic. I highly recommend"

Cristiane H.

"I had a great experience at this clinic. I went to get my immigration health check up done as part of the process for becoming a Permanent Resident. (I639). The staff was polite. The girl at the front desk was very sweet and she was willing to answer my questions regarding vaccination, forms, etc…. The doctor was very professional and kind."

Peña C.

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